Luxury Re-Awakening Spring Retreat


2-7 May 2018

As ‘Dartmoor’s Daughter', Emma Cunis will be offering walks and coaching on this luxury ‘re-awakening’ spring retreat, organised by Nicky Clinch, Macrobiotic Nutritionist and Life Counsellor, Chef and Teacher.

For this Spring, Luxury ‘Re-Awakening’ Retreat we will be focusing on clearing our energy to unlock the immense, abundant and precious creative life force that lies within each and every one of us.  We will ‘Re-awaken’ the deepest parts of our self-expression so that we can feel more free to fully express ourselves in our life.

Spent in incredible luxury at Puggiestone House right on Dartmoor, we will be able to lavish ourselves in some serious nourishment and care whilst working deeply on our transformation at the same time.

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Love Health, Love Cooking - Inspiring Weekends of Hands On Cooking

International Macrobiotic School, Devon

14-15 April 2018

23-24 June 2018

Discover a new way of cooking with an inspiring weekend of hands-on lessons to create delicious, colourful and nourishing plant-based dishes using high quality ingredients. These weekends are seasonally based so each one will offer recipes that will promote good health according to the time of year.

The macrobiotic approach originated in Japan and is dairy- and sugar-free, drawing on Oriental philosophy and ingredients, while valuing the importance of sustainable, local produce.

Over the course of this weekend, you will learn to cook delicious soups, main courses and desserts using wholesome ingredients, to boost your health and that of everyone you are cooking for. You will learn how to plan balanced meals that are satisfying and nutritious, and turn wholefoods into colourful and tasty dishes. Emma Cunis is one of the teachers of this course.


Looking After Your Health - A Transformative 5 Day Course

International Macrobiotic School, Devon

27 June -1 July 2018

12-16 September 2018

In five amazing days, this transformative course will teach you how to cook over 60 wholefood, plant-based recipes in 10 mostly hands-on classes to help you create balance and to understand the effects food has on your body and emotions.

This course also teaches oriental health diagnosis techniques to help identify the roots of illness and how you can to regain and strengthen your health. Emma is one of the teachers on this course.


Holistic Nutrition for Body & Soul - One Year Course

International Macrobiotic School, Devon

March 2018 - December 2018

October 2018 - June 2019


This modular course offers a truly holistic approach to health, bringing together an understanding of food, how to cook it, and its effects on the body. You will learn Oriental diagnosis techniques to pinpoint which organs need support, along with hands-on cooking classes, bodywork and personal development classes.

Many students find this course revelatory, linking up so many different aspects of themselves into one whole picture, and seeing how changes made in one area of life affect all the others, leading to strong health and a deeper sense of self.

This course is structured in seven modules over nine months which enables a more in depth training as cooking, diagnostic and other skills can be practised between modules, and gives time for deeper personal transformation. Emma is one of the teachers on this course.


Macrobiotic Health Counsellor & Healing Cook - Three Year Course

International Macrobiotic School, Devon

Modular Courses

First Year course March – December 2018

Second Year course January – December 2019

Third Year course April 2020 – September 2021

Intensive Courses

First Year course October 2018 - June 2019

Second Year course  2019 - 2020

Third Year course 2020 - 2021

The training begins with the Holistic Nutrition for Body and Soul year, which is the foundation for further study. The second year is the health Coach and Wholefoods Cook year, with this third section being spread over 16 months and including 40 days of teaching in 10 modules.

The whole three years of training has over 100 days of teaching over 3 ½ years, and is the longest and most solid professional macrobiotic counsellor training in Europe. Emma Cunis is one of the teachers on this course.